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Arthur Rimbaud on his death bed by Herve Constant

Arthur Rimbaud on his death bed
by Hervé Constant

Welcome to the Rimbaud & Verlaine Foundation

The Rimbaud and Verlaine Foundation is using the French poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine as an inspirational starting point for a much wider mission to champion the arts and culture. Exploring the vital role played by the arts in education, inclusion, social capital building and cultural exchange, the Foundation is also developing a new and more sustainable business model for the arts, based around earned income.

Portraits_avec_la_Malle_by_Herve_Constant_collection_Rimbaud_Museum_France_by Herve Constant

Portraits avec la Malle by Hervé Constant
Collection Musée Arthur Rimbaud Charleville/Mézières France

Act now in support of a ‘poetry house’ in Camden

The Rimbaud and Verlaine Foundation was originally founded back in 2011 specifically to take advantage of a legacy gift of No 8 Royal College Street in Camden, the property formerly occupied by the poets in 1873. The charity’s vision has long been to develop this important historic property as a European style ‘poetry house’, a centre for the arts and education, and an important community asset.

This vision is now under threat. The legacy gift has been withdrawn and the property has been put up for sale. The charity is exploring as a matter of urgency what it can do to preserve the public and charitable interest in the property.

This is how you can help. The charity needs to establish a ‘fighting fund’ so that it can obtain proper legal advice and representation. Please help us to reach our target of £10,000 and meet this challenging moment.

All contributions are welcome, no matter how small. Please give generously.


Drawing of No 8 Royal College Street by Nick Hayes

No 8 Royal College Street by Nick Hayes

Le Dernier Voyage by Hervé Constant

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