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Arthur Rimbaud on his death bed by Herve Constant

Welcome to the Rimbaud & Verlaine Foundation

The Rimbaud and Verlaine Foundation is using the French poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine as an inspirational starting point for a much wider mission to champion the arts and culture. Exploring the vital role played by the arts in education, social capital building and cultural exchange, the Foundation is also developing a new and more sustainable business model for the arts, based around earned income.

Portraits_avec_la_Malle_by_Herve_Constant_collection_Rimbaud_Museum_France_by Herve Constant

Before the Wall - at the Edinburgh Fringe

The Rimbaud and Verlaine Foundation has worked with the writer Chris Ruffle to develop a new Anglo-Chinese theatre show entitled Before the Wall set during the second Opium War in 1860. The show is being staged in partnership with Gilded Balloon as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival between 17-26th August 2019. For more details of the show, see below…

Before the Wall is the result of a fruitful collaboration between R&V and the National Museum of Scotland and will be presented in a 1.30pm lunchtime slot on the main auditorium at the Museum. Tickets can be obtained from the Gilded Balloon website.

R&V is especially delighted to be working with director Mingyu Lin and producer Dodie Finamore and a talented cast of actors of British Asian heritage. Before the Wall is set to be one of the most exciting and topical shows forming part of this year’s Fringe festival, the world’s most celebrated theatre festival.

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