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R&V Foundation - Our Partners

Cultural partners

Kindred Spirits Poetry House Network – Established by the Rimbaud and Verlaine Foundation in 2015, Kindred Spirits is an alliance of 9 friendly ‘poetry houses’ in 6 countries. Its goal is a thriving programme of exchange, education and artistic commissioning based on a shared digital platform. The partners will work for mutual benefit, promoting the whole idea of a ‘poetry house’ as a cultural hub, and providing opportunities for people across Europe to participate in poetry and the arts. The network also aims to develop a sustainable funding model based on the ‘poetry house’ as a digital hub.
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The T.S. Eliot Foundation – this important literary foundation which benefits from the legacy of the poet and his widow, and income from the Broadway show Cats, has been an important partner of the Foundation, supporting a major event at Kings place in 2017 (T.S. Eliot and Decadence), and sponsoring a whole programme of schools’ placements, featuring poet educators, in for schools in Camden in 2017.

Modern Poetry in Translation - the world’s leading journal for English-language poetry in translation, this organisation is also a long-standing partner of the Foundation, collaborating with it on events and translation-related projects. In 2018 this partner is taking the lead in the delivery of a repeat programme of schools’ placements in Camden, facilitated by the Foundation.

EU Commission – representing the EU in London, the team at Europe House have been an important partner for the Foundation since it was established in 2014. As a venue it has hosted a number of different events, and as a sponsor it has funded the translation of the Poetry House Live script into all 6 other languages of the project, ensuring that the show can enjoy an ongoing life across Europe.

Roehampton University – one of London’s leading universities, with a beautiful campus situated in south-west London, the University has been an important partner for the Foundation, most recently hosting workshops and seminars as part of the development of the Poetry House Live theatre show in 2016.

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland – amongst other things this important educational institution contains one of the UK’s most important film schools. In 2017 the Conservatoire collaborated with the Foundation to create a full-length film version of the Poetry House Live show, shot on a black box stage at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow in May of that year.

University of Westminster – As well as housing the cinema where the first UK screening of the Lumière brothers’ moving picture show took place in 1896, the University of Westminster, under the guidance of Professor Debra Kelly, is researching the many ways in which the French presence in London has contributed to the life of the British capital over the centuries. The Foundation has already held a very successful French Food event with the university, and looks forward to future collaborations with this partner.

University College London – UCL was the first university in the UK to establish a film studies programme. Students in the programme collaborated with the Rimbaud and Verlaine Foundation to produce a short film on the house at 8 Royal College Street that is regularly screened alongside House of Knives. It is also proposed that the polyglot edition of the Poetry House Live theatre scripts will be published as an educational resource by the ECL Press.

Institut Français (London) – Part of a worldwide network, the Institut français in London encourages cross-cultural exchange and presents the best of French culture. The Foundation has held several joint events with the Institut designed to promote the arts and literature in French and English and looks forward to further collaborations in the future.

Keats’ House – The Romantic poet John Keats lived in this house in Hampstead and was inspired to write his most memorable poetry here. The building is open to the public as a museum and literary centre and provides a model for how the Rimbaud and Verlaine Foundation might develop a poetry house at 8 Royal College Street. The Foundation ran a joint event with Keats’ House in March 2014, and held a all-day workshop for poet educators here in 2017.

Venue partners

Blacks Private Members Club – Blacks Private Members Club is located in a Georgian house on Dean Street in the heart of London’s Soho. The Club provides an unusual and attractive venue for a variety of events. The Rimbaud and Verlaine Foundation is planning to deliver a whole series of salon-style events in partnership with the club during 2018.

Kings Place – one of London’s most innovative and dynamic arts venues, the Foundation has been working with this venue ever since it was first established as an independent charity in 2014. It has held a number of large-scale events in Hall 1 and in Hall 2 at Kings Place including shows featuring literature, classical music, Jazz and Rock music, as well as the premier of the Poetry House Live theatre show.