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R&V Foundation - Our Partners

Cultural partners

Institut Français (London) – Part of a worldwide network, the Institut français in London encourages cross-cultural exchange and presents the best of French culture. The Foundation has had initial discussions with the Institut about joint events to promote poetry in French and English and looks forward to close collaboration in the future.

Maison de la Poésie (Paris) – Located in rue Saint-Martin in central Paris, la Maison de la Poésie is re-inventing itself as a place where authors, texts and the public can encounter each other in many different ways. Its objective is to promote literature in all its diversity, to stimulate the public’s curiosity and to encourage a desire to read, particularly poetry.

Oxford Lieder – Oxford Lieder celebrates and promotes song through activities such as organizing an annual lieder festival, offering grants to young artists, running an education and outreach programme and producing recordings of the song repertoire. The Foundation is currently in early discussions with Oxford Lieder about running a study weekend on French poetry and song during 2015.

University of Westminster – As well as housing the cinema where the first UK screening of the Lumière brothers’ moving picture show took place in 1896, the University of Westminster, under the guidance of Professor Debra Kelly, is researching the many ways in which the French presence in London has contributed to the life of the British capital over the centuries. The Foundation is hoping to develop future events in collaboration with the university.

University College London – UCL was the first university in the UK to establish a film studies programme. Students in the programme collaborated with the Rimbaud and Verlaine Foundation to produce a short film on the house at 8 Royal College Street that is regularly screened alongside House of Knives.

Poetry house partners

Keats’ House – The Romantic poet John Keats lived in this house and was inspired to write his most memorable poetry here. The building is open to the public as a museum and literary centre and provides a model for how the Rimbaud and Verlaine Foundation might develop a poetry house at 8 Royal College Street. The Foundation ran a joint event with Keats House in March 2014.

Musée Rimbaud (Charleville-Mézières) – Located in a 17th century mill on the banks of the Meuse, the Musée Rimbaud retraces the life and work of the poet through a wide variety of photographs, facsimiles, objects and manuscripts. It also pays homage to 20th century artists whose work makes reference to Rimbaud, including Picasso, Léger and Max Ernst.

Les amis de Verlaine – The association, Les amis de Verlaine, promotes the memory and work of the poet, as well as contemporary poetic practice, through a series of activities including an annual poetry competition, lectures, exhibitions, readings and publications. It runs the Maison de Verlaine in Metz, where the poet was born.

Venue and commercial partners

Eight Members Club – The Eight Members Club is a private club with two venues located in the heart of the City of London. The venue near Bank has a 50-seat cinema which the Rimbaud and Verlaine Foundation has used for illustrated talks, including a lecture on Picasso and his Poets by Professor Peter Read of the University of Kent in January 2014. We hope to organize future events in collaboration with the Club.

Blacks Private Members Club – Blacks Private Members Club is located in a Georgian house on Dean Street in the heart of London’s Soho. The Club provides an unusual and attractive venue for a variety of events. The Rimbaud and Verlaine Foundation recently organized an evening devoted to Dylan Thomas and Rimbaud on the evening of the 20th May 2014.

Reform Club – The Reform Club was founded in 1836, in Pall Mall, in central London. Its beautiful interior was designed by a leading architect of the day, Charles Barry. The club hosts a variety of musical events sponsored by Michael Corby, owner of 8 Royal College Street and the Rimbaud and Verlaine Foundation’s benefactor. These included a lecture-recital on Verlaine and his Composers in September 2013.

Pernod Absinthe – The history of radical poetry in 19th century France is intimately connected with the history of absinthe ‘The Green Fairy’. Pernod Absinthe sponsored the Rimbaud and Verlaine Foundation’s film House of Knives and a short film on the history of absinthe is often shown alongside the Foundation’s production. Pernod Absinthe is also generous in providing complimentary refreshments at many of the Foundation’s events.