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  • Kindred Spirits
    Posted on Feb 9, 2018
    This extraordinary network of European poetry houses was established by the Foundation in 2015 and became a vehicle for an application for an EU Large Cooperation Grant in the autumn of that year. The Foundation was all set to resubmit its application in 2016, with every chance of success, when the BREXIT vote intervened. As a result, the Board of the charity decided that it was no longer sensible to place EU funding at the centre of the organisation’s future strategy. The Foundation nevertheless is keen to build on the fantastic relationships it is established with its ‘poetry house’ partners…
  • Rock for Rimbaud
    Posted on Feb 9, 2018
    This is perhaps one of the most exciting initiatives launched by the Foundation during its first 3 years. The idea of using the Rimbaud and Verlaine brand to provide platforms for up and coming Rock, Folk and World Music musicians, is perhaps one of the boldest and most exciting ideas to emerge from our community. And it was very much a community effort, as the Rock for Rimbaud manifesto shows. In a recent expansion of Foundations Business Plan a whole new strand was added designed to attract investment to what will effectively be a music promotion business sitting within the digital arts busi…
  • Poetry House Live
    Posted on Feb 9, 2018
    This live theatre commission was originally the subject of a successful Arts Council England application for Grants for the Arts funding in 2016 and provides a fantastic example of how great original work can grow and develop in many different new directions. The funding we received from ACE was sufficient to commission 7 talented up-and-coming playwrights from all over Europe to write short 15-minute pieces telling the stories of different poets and their houses. These pieces combined into a full-length theatre show exploring the many aspects of the poet’s life and significance performed at a…
  • Jan Patoçka and care for the soul
    Posted on Feb 9, 2018
    Although this does not have anything to do strictly with the work of the Foundation, Graham Henderson has been heavily influenced in his work in the arts over the last 15 years by the ideas of the Czech philosopher, Jan Patoçka. A leading phenomenologist, who took the ideas of his hero Socrates as a starting point, Patoçka was one of the most influential philosophical voices of the 20th century. Most famous for being a signatory to the Charter 77 document calling for respect for human rights in the former Czechoslovakia, Patoçka was subject to harsh interrogation and died soon after, a martyr …
  • Support the Rimbaud and Verlaine Foundation
    Posted on Oct 3, 2016
    Now is the time to give the Foundation your support, and to help it to achieve its objective of promoting the arts and the important part they play in a tolerant and inclusive society. Please click on the button below to donate to the Foundation. If you believe that the arts and culture are important act now by supporting R&V, one of the UK’s most dynamic and innovative arts organisations.
  • Celebrating No. 8 - Heritage Perspectives
    Posted on Dec 16, 2015
    8 Royal College Street George Szirtes – Hungary, France and Royal College Street Could the Hungarian born award-winning poet George Szirtes be the first Hungarian to take an interest in Royal College Street since King Sigismund six centuries earlier? Sigismund came with French interests too, chronicled in Shakespeare’s Henry V. George Szirtes’s readings and poems, reinforced in discussions with Radio 3’s Donald Macleod, offered European perspectives and some answers. The flag-bedecked platform of Europe House provided a powerful visual focus.   Sigismund the King of Hungary, of the Roman…