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Jan Patočka – and the Grounds for Political Action

R&V is delighted to be presenting both an academic conference about the Czech philosopher Jan Patočka and an evening event designed to emphasise the important part played by the arts and culture in Patočka’s philosophy. The daytime event will be suitable to academic philosophers, literature specialists, historians and social scientists as well as members of the wider public interested in civil society and the grounds for political action. The event in the evening, featuring poetry, music and fine art images, will be of interest to all those passionate about the arts.

The philosophy of Jan Patočka represents an important exploration of the basic building blocks of a civilised political community and of the distinctive contribution of the Western European cultural tradition to this area of thought. As such, his philosophy goes to the heart of many of our contemporary debates about freedom, political participation and responsibility. Patočka’s ideas have the potential to make a huge contribution to contemporary thinking not only about politics and society but about social capital building, the functioning of a successful pluralist democracy, and the role of the arts and culture in a successful knowledge economy.

Featuring some truly inspiring speakers from a range of academic specialisms, the conference will make his importance and his contemporary relevance abundantly clear. It will demonstrate that Patočka is a fresh and provocative thinker, deserving a much wider readership in the English-speaking world, a phenomenologist who allows us to connect philosophy, culture and practical action, and to explore the grounds for effective and principled political action in our own time.

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Posted on:Tuesday 10th September, 2019