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Kindred Spirits

This extraordinary network of European poetry houses was established by the Foundation in 2015 and became a vehicle for an application for an EU Large Cooperation Grant in the autumn of that year. The Foundation was all set to resubmit its application in 2016, with every chance of success, when the BREXIT vote intervened. As a result, the Board of the charity decided that it was no longer sensible to place EU funding at the centre of the organisation’s future strategy. The Foundation nevertheless is keen to build on the fantastic relationships it is established with its ‘poetry house’ partners, and particularly on the wonderful experience of the conference held in Bucharest in May 2015, bringing together representatives from all of the partner organisations. The Poetry House Live theatre show in 2017 was commissioned expressly with the purpose of involving talented up-and-coming playwrights from all of the 7 countries involved in the network.

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Posted on:Friday 9th February, 2018