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Our Partners

LGBTQ partner

LGBT Capital – a specialist corporate advisory and asset management business serving the LGBT consumer sector. It is part of the Galileo Group of companies, an International Operation based in London and Greater China, and therefore provides access to a global network. LGBT Capital was launched by Galileo Capital Management to focus on the development and globalization of LGBT consumer businesses. Based on a core belief that as LGBT freedoms continue to develop, LGBT Capital is champion of best practice and a leading advisor to businesses on their approach in respect of LGBT inclusion. LGBT Capital has been a great help to R&V in developing its important diversity strand and in using the arts to champion inclusion.

Cultural partners

Decadence and Translation Network
This network, led by Dr Matthew Creasy (University of Glasgow) and Professor Stefano-Maria Evangelista (Trinity College, Oxford), funded by the AHRC, brought together leading specialists in Decadence studies and translation for a series of conferences and seminars during 2019 and early 2020, and has led to a whole series of additional activities and research projects. The Foundation was one of the founding members of the Network and has been delighted to participate in its meetings and contribute to its activities, including the very successful Arts of Decadence event which took place at the Senate Hose in February 2019. The Network is planning to continue its activities beyond 2020 and is currently in the process of applying for fresh sources of funding. 

The Patočka Archive (AJP)
This important archive really originated on the day on which the Czech philosopher Jan Patočka died, 13th March 1977, when his students hid his literary legacy from the StB (the Czech secret police) and secretly began to prepare it for publication. The AJP was formally founded in January 1990 as part of the Philosophical Institute of the present day Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. From 1993, it has been a part of Centre for Theoretical Study (CTS). Its objective is to organize a study and interpretation of the philosophical legacy of Patočka. The Foundation is delighted to be working with the Archive in translating key texts by Patočka into English for the first time for publication as a Selected Edition by Bloomsbury Publishers, probably sometime in 2021. 

Gilded Balloon
Gilded Balloon is one of Scotland’s leading entertainment venues presenting an annual programme as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. As one of the four largest venues at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Gilded Balloon is respected internationally for presenting a stunning annual showcase of theatre, comedy and cabaret. The Foundation was delighted to be one of the artistic organisations delivering its original theatre show Before the Wall in the main auditorium at the National Museum of Scotland as part of the Gilded Balloon programme at the Fringe in 2019. 

National Museum of Scotland (NMS)
One of the leading museums and cultural organisations in the UK, the Museum plays an important role in preserving and celebrating the historical treasures of Scotland as a nation. The Foundation was delighted to work in partnership with the NMS in 2019 and to deliver the Before the Wall theatre show in its main auditorium as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. In particular, the theatre show was designed to amplify the Museum’s collection, most especially the artefacts in its new Asia Gallery connected with the Anglo-Chinese Opium Wars, the subject of the play.

Kindred Spirits Poetry House Network – Established by the Rimbaud and Verlaine Foundation in 2015, Kindred Spirits is an alliance of 9 friendly ‘poetry houses’ in 6 countries. Its goal is a thriving programme of exchange, education and artistic commissioning based on a shared digital platform. The partners will work for mutual benefit, promoting the whole idea of a ‘poetry house’ as a cultural hub, and providing opportunities for people across Europe to participate in poetry and the arts. The network also aims to develop a sustainable funding model based on the ‘poetry house’ as a digital hub. 
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Venue partners

Blacks Private Members Club –  Blacks Private Members Club is located in a Georgian house on Dean Street in the heart of London’s Soho. The Club provides an unusual and attractive venue for a variety of events. The Rimbaud and Verlaine Foundation is planning to deliver a whole series of salon-style events in partnership with the club during 2018.

The Institute of Modern Languages Research (IMLR), University of London, supports, promotes and facilitates research in Modern Languages (primarily French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese). It enables researchers to collaborate in a wide range of national and international networks and activities, to engage in innovative research and to demonstrate research value to the wider public. Through its access to venues at the Senate House, including the Chancellor’s Hall, it has also become an important venue partner for R&V, both in respect of live concerts and academic seminars and conferences. The IMLR is one of nine Institutes in the University of London’s School of Advanced Study (SAS).

Cadogan Hall – A historic venue, the Cadogan Hall is situated in the heart of Chelsea and has become one of London’s leading arts venues. With 950 seats, excellent acoustic and luxurious surroundings it a perfect venue for live classical music, whilst still being intimate enough for chamber music and classical song. R&V is working with the Hall to develop a series of live concert events commencing in April 2021.